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Our Founder

Hi I'm Abena, a professional scientist with a diploma in Cosmetic Science who is passionate about natural skin and hair care. I hope to win your trust and commitment in providing you with the best natural skincare you have ever tried (with an African Twist!)

I experienced an incredible childhood in West Africa, where most of my spare time was spent outdoors in our large garden or compound as we called it; chasing chickens and goats amongst wild hibiscus flowers, birds of paradise plants spikes of aloe vera and swaying coconut and palm trees.

When I wasn't doing that I was scrambling up mango; guava or papaya trees to pluck a tasty snack or accompanying my mum or aunties to the colourful markets with their delicious looking arrays of kola nuts, plantains, yams, coconuts and other foodstuffs we would use to cook fresh healthy meals. These memories provide the inspiration behind the name and ingredients (apart from the chickens and goats off course!) for my natural skin care company ' THE AFRICAN GARDEN'.

Why we are d​ifferent

Despite the innocent looking, sweet smelling and attractive packaging, nearly all skincare on the high street contain synthetic chemicals, some of which have health concerns or may be associated with allergies. Even products containing active plant extracts are laden with preservatives, to prolong shelf-life due to the addition of water (aqua) which would otherwise encourage microbial contamination. 

Most of our products contain no added water so they are naturally preserved; or they contain only eco-certified preservatives.

Our products do not contain synthetic chemicals such as...

ACRYLIC COPOLYMERS as these may cause skin irritations.

ARTIFICIAL COLOURS & FRAGRANCES known to cause allergies & sensitisation.

DIAZOLIIDINYL UREA/ DMDM HYDANTOIN which can release harmful formaldehyde. 

DIMETHICONE & OTHER SILICONES as these can worsen acne-prone skin conditions.

METHYLISOTHIAZOLINE as this is banned in all leave-on cosmetic products in the EU. 

PETROLEUM /MINERAL OILS as these can trap impurities under the skin & clog pores.

PARABENS which may cause hormonal disruption & reproductive toxicology as well as allergies.

PHENOXYETHANOL due to potential health concerns including allergies and nervous system effects.

POLYETHYLENE GLYCOL & POLYSORBATES can be contaminated with toxic impurities like ethylene oxide and heavy metals.

RETINOL & DERIVATIVES can cause drying, irritation, and sun sensitivity when synthetic forms are used in skin & hair products.

SULPHATES such as sodium lauryl/laureth sulphate & dodecyl sulphates used in wash products as this may cause skin irritations.

What are Customers say.....

I'm very happy with the product called The African Garden Luxe Balm. love the smell & very soft to the hands & feet & dry skin. I like the fact that its 100% natural paraben free & do recommend anyone to try it. I give it 10 out of 10.



We trust in the purity and wisdom of the natural creation around us want to share our unwavering passion for redefining skin CARE in the 21st century. Our philosophy is simple: If you will not eat, drink or inhale it...why leave it on your skin?

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