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100% Natural Man


Buriti Fruit Oil is a wonderful oil that nourishes beards and condition the skin underneath. Apply a few drops with fingers to beard and to any other dry patches on face or body to soften & smooth!

*Coming Soon!* 30 ml £10.00 

Natural Antibacterial Face Wash for men

A rich but mild and effective protein-enriched face wash with natural anti-bacterial action. Removes debris and dead cells from skin surface leaving face cleansed, refreshed and less prone to infections. Invigorating fresh green scent boosted with a dash of citrus.

*Coming Soon!* 300 ml £12.00

Natural Man Balm

Quickly absorbs into skin to increase elasticity. Composed entirely of natural extracts and oils, this non-greasy wonder balm for men encourages regeneration of cells without clogging pores and is divinely scented with a frankincense blend including anise and basil.

*Coming Soon!* 350 ml £12.00

WILD BAMBOO Natural Man Scrub

Finely ground peach kernel and wild bamboo powder adds to the exfoliating properties of this foaming cream scrub to help remove dead cells and regenerate new cells underneath. Packed with skin nourishing and anti-aging vitamins, minerals and carotenoids from natural sources. Exciting aromas of a Moroccan souk; woody base notes with sweet spices and fragrant ince scent that is slightly astringent tones and balances skin. 100% natural goodness! *Coming Soon!* 350 ml £15.00